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The Bay Area Burlesque Entertainment Cooperative is a for artists by artists production collective focused on supporting, elevating, and engaging all elements and aspects of the burlesque art form.

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The BABE Cooperative aims to uplift and support the burlesque industry by pursuing a high quality of performance and professionalism. Future-focused production and education efforts are intended to help burlesque evolve and thrive. Our work creates opportunities for a broad spectrum of representation on stage and behind the scenes. We strive to hold ourselves and our team to a high professional standard through accountability and transparency.

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The BABE Cooperative creates an entry point to the world of burlesque and assists with artist development by creating an inclusive space for the artform. We believe the key to elevating the form is by facilitating a broad spectrum of representation. We both seek out and welcome burlesque artisans of all races, genders, ages (over 21), shapes, religions, identities, and sexual orientations because representation matters.

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All BABE Cooperative endeavours strive to be a space free from hate. Language and behavior that is disrespectful, racist, homophobic, transphobic, sizist, ageist, inappropriate or demeaning will not be tolerated. We recognize that the cast, crew, and audience all work together to help keep spaces rooted in respect, integrity, and love.

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Part of maintaining a safer space is acknowledging that, as humans, we are all learning as we go. In an era of call out culture we hope to pursue a path of conflict resolution that both creates an opportunity for people to bring inappropriate behavior to light and lays the groundwork for restorative justice.

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