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BABE Cooperative
est. 2019

At the 11th hour of 2018, RedBone hit up a few of her Bay Area friends with a time sensitive ask:
Will you co-produce a weekly show at the Stud with me...starting in January 2019???
Miss Kitty Oaks, Jet Noir, and Teddy Trade hopped on board in an effort to keep burlesque in the hallowed halls of

the legendary gay bar Stud SF and the BABE Cooperative was born.

Today, the "Coop" is helmed by RedBone, Miss Kitty Oaks, and Rebel. We are actively building structures to grow our membership and continue to bring representation to burlesque in the age of COVID.

Coop Members: Text


Founding Member

"The Cyclone of Burlesque"
Since 2005, the hottest thing BOTH sides of the Mason Dixon Line has been traveling the world as one of the Wham Bam Thank You Ma’ams, backing up the infamous Foxy Tann in her quest for world domination. As a soloist, "The Cyclone of Burlesque" has been featured in such International burlesque festivals as: Edmonton, Vancouver, Hawaii, Toronto & Fierce! and national burlesque festivals such as Dallas, Houston, Texas & Show-Me. To keep tootin' let's not forget the renowned showcases such as: Jeezy’s Juke Joint & Superstars of Burlesque (Chicago), Lannie’s Clocktower (Denver), Margaret Cho's The Sensuous Woman (Los Angeles), Little Minsky's & Hubba Hubba Review (San Francisco), and  Immodesty Blaize's Burlesque Review (London).



Founding Member

"The Feral Feline"
Miss Kitty Oaks is a performer, choreographer, and educator based in the SF Bay Area.  Her work bridges the gap between concert dance and cabaret, incorporating decades of dance training and performance experience.  Kitty creates ephemeral performance experiences that blend the American Art of the Tease with a range of movement styles and techniques.  In 2016 she founded Pistil Studios where she develops her performance work, provides affordable space to other artists, and shares her approach to movement in classes, workshops, and privates.

Miss Kitty Oaks by Inda Burlesque.jpg



Rebel is the Queen of Heart Breakers, speeding around the Bay Area. She is often assisting with shows on and off stage and she is the newest addition to the BABE Cooperative. Rebel made her burlesque debut in 2018 and was September's winner of Nudie Nubies! She has been on board with the Coop from the get go as a stage manager, performer, intern, and now as an integral member. A badass creator, performer, collaborator, and administrator.

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Rebel HeadShot.jpg



"The Obsidian Obscenity"
People often ask him, "how did all this get started?" While working as a nude model in San Diego, Jet Noir was introduced to Dr. Sketchy's and the world of Burlesque in 2008. Through Dr. Sketchy's, Jet became friends with the likes of Mynx d'Meanor and Lady Borgia. It wasn't until March 2010 that Jet found himself on stage in his underwear, painted gold working as a living prop for Mynx during her tribute to the academy awards. Jet has been embraced by the burlesque community ever since. Jet Noir continues to challenge himself with every act. His goal is to create something memorable every time he steps on the stage.

Jet Noir.jpg



"He’s got a devil on his shoulder and an angel in his voice."
Teddy Trade is the new kid in town with big sparkly dreams! Equal parts rough trade, rainbows, unicorns, sprinkles, and the love you squeeze out of stuffed animals, Teddy Trade is here to turn all your Daddy Issues into Daddy solutions. He is the Proud Papa Bear of Chicago’s premier male burlesque experience: Naughty Little Cabaret. He’s a singer, dancer, comedian, producer, writer, lover, and don’t tell anyone... but he’s made of magic. He’s like your perfect Prince Charming who shops at Hot Topic! He’s planning on staying in this city to create shows, consensually touch hearts, and to help everyone’s dreams come true. He wants you to remember... No matter who you are, “Teddy Trade Loves You!”

Teddy Trade.jpg
Coop Members: The Talent
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